Caves of Chongqing


Coming out of tunnel in Chongqing



Chongqing is a city of caves. They have been used for shelter, protection in war, and storage areas for over 12 thousand years. Ancient Ba people carved caves in the soft limestone. Early Chinese civilizations used these caves for military purposes when Alexander the Great was expanding into Asia. Refugees from India used the cavesto preserve their faith when Christianity was emerging in Europe.

Chongqing is on the Yangtze River above the Three Gorges Dam. It is a part of the Horse and Butterfly Road (Silk Road). Silk was traded for Horses during the Tang Dynasty. There was a materialistic lust during this period of history. Today, fake ” ipods” from America are sold  to develop cash for cars and a middle class lifestyle. The ancient caves under Chonqing, the largest city in the world is a new megacity addicted to materialism and consumerism in the 21st centruy.


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