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China Manuscript Reveals More Clues

FWK Muller managed the materials discovered by the German expeditions to western China at the turn of the last century. Among the thousands of pages of material discovered in Chinese caves in the Tarim basin was a Uighur text on … Continue reading

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USA Women’s Soccer Team on Campus

Many of the members of the USA Women’s soccer team that won a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics are on campus for the next week. They will be playing Sweden on Friday in ¬†four nation tournament as a … Continue reading

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Syriac Names on a Chinese Monument

Syriac Names on the Nestorian Steele [The Following are written in Syriac, running down the right and left sides of the Chinese inscription above]. “Adam, Deacon, Vicar-episcopal and Pope of China. In the time of the Father of Fathers, the … Continue reading

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Four Clues that Connect the Wise Men to China

First Clue: The Stone On February 4, 781, a three meter high and one meter thick stone monument was erected in the capital region of Xian. It was inscribed in two languages: Chinese and Syriac. It stood 2.36 meters high, … Continue reading

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Did the Wise Men Come from China?

Did the wise men come from China? Perhaps if we look to records outside the Bible. There is a manuscript in the Vatican titled Vat. Syr. 162 that could provide a clue to the answer of this question. A recent … Continue reading

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