More Evidence the Nestorian Pillar is Not Nestorian

More Evidence the Nestorian Pillar is Not Nestorian

Side one of the Luoyang Pillar

The first side of the Luoyang  Pillar which bears the Trinitarian formula known as the Qadeeshat among Syriac speaking Christians and the Trisagian which is translated into English as “Holy God, Holy Almighty, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us” On the Luoyang Pillar the third part of the formula is missing except for the first part of the word “Holy” (Qing).

Although many have identified this pillar as Nestorian it does not use Nestorian phraseology. The opening Trinitarian formula is so striking that one must consider that while this is a Christian memorial pillar it most likely is not Nestorian.

Nestorians say:

Miao sen hang fu alohe, ying sen hang mi si ke, zheng sen lu ke ling jui sha, yi shan san sen tong gua yi ti

But on this pillar the qadishat (Trisagian) is said:

Qing Jing Alohe, Qing Jing Da we li, Qing (Jing Da zhi hua).

This shortened phrase is more axiomatic and in conformity to Buddhist thought and folk tradition. It further suggests that the Jing Jiao, the people of the Luminous Religion had broken away from the foreign faith and become an indigenous faith ofChina.

Today the Trisagian is said in Chinese in the following way:


Zhì shèng zhī Shàng dì, zhì shèng jí dà néng zhī Shàng dì, zhì shèng jí yǒngshēng zhī Shàng dì, liánmǐn wǒmen.

In Syriac the Qadeeshat is said:

Qadeeshat aloho, qadeeshat hayelthono, qadeeshat lo moyoutho, deslebt hlofayn ethraham layn.

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