God is a Girl

I’ve been having a wonderful time with my business students. We have been investigating how to develop NGO organizations in China. In the midst of these discussions we have been looking at intellectual property rights, differences in the application of law in China and the United States. Yesterday we were talking about music marketing, non-verbal expressions, and MTV. One of the students mentioned a song that is quite popular among Chinese students. It is called God is a Girl. It struck my that gender is not a factor when thinking about the sacred and divine. Perhaps this is an influences of the transgender features in Buddhism as with Guan Yin. We watched a music video of this song which mocks evangelical Christianity and some of the deceitful aspects of healing services. It is an easy targets. What is interesting about this video is how it offers a spiritual alternative in the form of a small girl. Afterwards we talked about illegal downloading of music which is quite common in China.

The cover on a Chinese album is of a woman walking on water under the light of the full moon. Water and the moon are two principle images associated with Guan Yin.


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