Guan Yin and the Beatles

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk reading an academic paper about Kuan Yin and over the public broadcast system on the campus came the song “Let it Be” by Paul McCartney. The words “Mother Mary come to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be” echoed across the twilight of the campus. It was a moment of synchonicity where two events become related in time without cause. For days I have thought about nothing but the psychological and sociological features of Guan Yin. I looked up the background to this song and McCarney in an article in the Rolling Stone in 1970 said that this song came to him in a dream when he was 14 years old. His mother died when he was seven and he claims she came to him in a dream. She said, “don’t worry, it will be alright. Let it be!” He was put at peace because of this dream and he connected the appearance of his mother with the Mother Mary partly due to his Catholic  upbringing. Several years later in 1968 he wrote the song using the words of that dream.

How interesting that song was broadcast on a Chinese public address system at the very time I am working on mystic features of the Divine feminine. Carl Jung called this synchonicity. He describes events in his own life that occur in a-causal ways.  He describes how a lady came to his Swiss office one day and began to describe a dream about a beetle. She described it in careful detail. Jung was an amateur entomologist and knew his insects. So when he heard a tapping at his window behind him he turned around and on the outside was a beetle flying head-first into the window again and again. It was the exact beetle the woman has described in her therapy session. In fact it was a beetle not indigenous to Switzerland. Jung was astonished not only because this beetle should not even be in Switzerland but that this woman should describe the beetle from a dream at exactly this moment. Jung called this as one of the key examples of synchonicity in his life. He also believed that this was a feature of our collective unconscious which lies outside the field of cause and effect material events.

I thought of this numinous phenomenon as I was staring at the dual images of Mary and Guan Yin on my computer and listening to this song. Even the converging memories of Jung’s beetle and a song by the Beatles was so odd that it has created a host of new material for me to investigate. It would not have happened unless these events came together in my perceptions yesterday afternoon.

Also this morning I was working on emails from people in Haiti. I am managing a project to get a school built in that devastated country. I learned later in the day that the song Let it Be! was recently re-released and the profits are going to help Haiti.


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