Why Teach and Serve Others

Two days ago I received news that an organization I founded in the Dominican Republic and Haiti has received a major donation to build a school in Haiti. I immediately sent out an email and instructions for volunteers to assist and begin this project we have been working on for the last year. The donation came from a student I had 20 years ago when I was teaching English on the Iraqi/Turkish border. I assisted this exceptional young man with getting a scholarship to Oxford University. Later he went to Saint Valdimir in New York and he then attended and received a Ph.D. at Princeton University. I last saw him 7 years ago at Princeton where I presently a major paper at a conference. Today he is Bishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Holland and is a major voice for human rights and minority issues on Holland. I am so touched and honored by this gift to the poor in Haiti.

I have written a poem in honor of His Eminence Polycarpus Aydin.

We plant seeds but we do not make them grow
We water plants already alive not knowing whether they will bloom into future promise
We cannot do everything and there is a  sense of freedom in knowing this truth
It enables us to do something instead of nothing
It may be incomplete but it is a beginning, a tiny effort in a big project,
It is an opportunity for cosmic grace to complete the dream
We may never see the finished result of our labor
We are prophets of a dream that belongs to others

About daleinchina

Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences.
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One Response to Why Teach and Serve Others

  1. Carol Adde says:

    God bless you Fr Dale. We are waiting to see you when you arrive in California later this year, in God’s speed.

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