Flying Tigers

Today I went to three museums. Two of the museums contained information for which I was searching: the Chongqing museum and the General Stillwell Museum. The Chongqing Museum has a small section on Stillwell, Chennault, the Flying Tigers, and the Burma to China Road punched through by Stillwell. It is all glassed in and nicely displayed.

The Stillwell museum has a whole wing dedicated to the Flying Tigers and other flyers who flew the “Hump” to supply the Chinese War effort against China. There is a lot of information but pictures are peeling. Seems like there has been no upkeep or maintenance since 2005 when there was a 60th anniversary and Diplomats, politicians, and honored American military showed up to tour the museum. There are about 200 photos. I took 120 pictures.

The reason for this is that my cousin-in-law is writing a book on a distant relative that flew in the Burma/China campaign. Jim wrote:

“My Flying Tiger story is that my sister’s late father in law, Lt. Walter Ferris flew in the 14th Air Force under General Chennault in 1944-45 and was in the 16th Fighter Squadron that was “on loan” to Chennault and sent on missions out of Kunming, Guilin, Nanning, and many other bases. Walt was shot down in January 1945 and a POW of the Japanese for the remainder of the war. I have interviewed some of the few remaining survivors of his POW group and visited one of the sites where he was incarcerated near Shanghai ( the same POW camp featured in the film Empire of the Sun) I have a pretty good manuscript on this so far and hope to complete a book in the next year or so. Walt flew out of Guilin during the month before it was evacuated from the Japanese Ichigo offensive. According to some folks who have been involved with the emerging Flying Tiger Heritage Park at Guilin there is a gentleman there who I should try to contact .”


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