Thoughts of Home

Thoughts of Home 夜思

Li Bai is sometimes known as Li Po. He was a poet of the Tang Dynasty. He reminds me of the Beat Poets of the 1950s like Allen Ginsberg and especially Jack Kerouac. Li was famous for being drunk but inspired. He roamed China working for various regional governors but always managed to lose his jobs. Some day he died by accidental drowning in the Yangtze trying to grasp the moonlight on the water. Very poetic but probably not true.

夜 思 李 白 Thoughts of Home By Li Bai 

Translation by D.A. Johnson

床 前 明 月 光,Before my bed bright moon light—

疑 是 地 上 霜,I wonder if it is frost on the ground?

举 头 望 明 月,Lifting my head I look at the bright moon,

低 头 思 故 乡 。Lowering my head, I think of my homeland.


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